Monday, March 14, 2016


The Topeka Genealogical Society hosts a Genealogy Conference each year that I attend.  Each year they have a different speaker – sometimes it is someone I have heard of, other times it is a new person.  They have all been people that specialize in some area of genealogy and they have all provided information that has provided me with new areas of research.

This year they are hosting one of my favorite genealogy ladies.  Her name is Lisa Louise Cooke and she hosts a website called “Genealogy Gems” – she is just fantastic and a true Genealogy Gem!  She has a blog that I subscribe to and she gives out some great information on such topics as Evernote, Google Earth, Phone Apps for Genealogy research and so much more.  She also has both free and subscription based Genealogy Podcasts and provides research strategies and tips that are 100% useful to anyone.  She has videos (both free and subscription based) that show how to use Evernote, Google Earth and many more topics.  She has also written several books which are wonderful additions to anyone’s personal genealogy library.

She is a very “tech savvy” and “Internet knowledgeable” person when it comes to Genealogy trends and research.  She has moved my research to areas I never would have gone had it not been for her guidance.  She speaks at some of the biggest genealogy conferences (most recently, Roots Tech – a genealogy conference in Salt Lake City that lasts several days) and it was quite a surprise to find out she would be speaking for our local conference which is just a one day event.

I have never been to any conferences where she speaks (they are usually the bigger ones that are out of reach of my pocketbook and are never in this area) so this will be a very special day to finally meet the person that I so admire and have learned so much from!

There is no doubt in my mind that she will help me discover new ideas that will take my research to great heights as I continue Searching For Ancestors!

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