Sunday, June 21, 2015

Correction To Grandma Scott

One of my cousins pointed out to me that I had the spelling wrong on one of the names associated with the Pall Bearers (referred to in the post as Escorts) in an earlier post titled "Grandma Scott".

I have corrected that post and wanted to provide the information separately for those who may have seen the earlier post and also noticed the misspelling.

To set the record straight, I looked back at the Funeral Brochure for Cora Viola (Main) Scott and the name is actually spelled wrong there, which consequently led to me misspelling the information on my blog post.

The correction is as follows:  I had "Living Alvarez" as an Escort and it should be "Living Alcaraz".

Please see Grandma Scott (posted on May 12, 2015) for the complete post and to see that the above information has been updated.  I do apologize for the error, but I was typing what the Funeral Brochure stated and as we all know, we as humans are not perfect and we do make mistakes.  In the genealogy world, we are used to names being spelled wrong which leads us to search in records for many variations of each surname - and we still find new variations just when we thought we had it all down pat.

Thank you cousin for pointing out the misinformation, and I do apologize to you and the rest of your family for this mistake.

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