Saturday, July 11, 2015

Grandpa Modrell Fails School?!?! But Wait - There's More...

I was researching at the Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society Library in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri.  They have some great records and I highly encourage anyone who is researching their roots from Northwest Missouri to go and see the very nice and extremely helpful staff of this small library – but don’t let the size fool you because they have records on three levels, however, you need to ask assistance for the records on the top and bottom levels.

I happened to inquire about old school records since both my grandparents on my father’s side went to school in the area.  I didn’t know which school my grandpa attended, but I had discovered that my grandma attended Lafayette High School, but didn’t know where she went prior to that.

The Librarian went to the basement and came back with a very large book that says School Record 1921 (written in marker on side), and she informed me it was located on the east side of the basement (in case I want to look at it again).  I thumbed through that massive, moldy smelling and fragile old book until I located a page that provided the following information:

School is Ebenezer
Harry Modrell
Age 15
Address is Saxton
Spelling - 57
Reading - 25
Writing - 80
Arithmetic - 55
Grammar - 75
Physiology - 64
Geography - 68
US History - 53
Average - 59 5/8
Remarks - F (Failed)

I was so shocked!!  We are taught that our elders know everything – right?  I was so intrigued that I had to keep turning the pages to see if he quit school at that point.  So, I finally found the following information which answered my question:

School is Ebenezer
Harry Modrell
Age is 16
Address is Saxton
Teacher is Ruth Dyer
Spelling - 75
Reading - 80
Writing - 87
Arithmetic - 89
Grammar - 75
Geography - 83
US History - 80
Agriculture - 81
Average - 81
Remarks – Passed

How awesome is that?!?!  He not only continued with his school, but his grades improved immensely (look closely at the reading and arithmetic scores for both years)!  I also found a photo in the 1923 Wakitan (the Central High School Yearbook for his Junior Year) of the Mathematics Club - and he is in it!!  And that is not all - according to the 1940 US Federal Census, after graduating from Central High School in 1924, he completed two (2) years of college!!  I am so excited for him – I only wish he was around to ask which college he went to and what he was studying.  Just another record I need to try and find in my quest of Searching For Ancestors…

1924 Central High School Yearbook
Harry House Modrell, Senior
1923 Central High School Yearbook
Harry House Modrell, Junior

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Sierra said...

I am planning on visiting that library in October. I have been slowly going though the online index of books available to prepare for my trip. I am so excited to get there. What a great day for you!!